Message From the Chairman

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“Greetings World Citizens! This is a call for all brothers and sisters around the world who value freedom, equality, and democracy to unite behind our standard and join us as we lead the next generation of human progress.

We live in uncertain times as Fascism – led by a capitalist agenda – threatens the futures of our sons and daughters. We must join together and resist the destruction of our values and the earth we share.

We can no longer afford to deny climate change. We cannot deny the natural disasters and extreme weather that is tearing across our planet. We can no longer allow the less than .1% of our population to rape our planet and plunge our race head-first into the abyss. We must look into the faces of our children and vow to fight for them, to fight for their future.

The H.S.W.C.P. is a political party for all human beings of all nations. We are a progressive movement that wants peace and cooperation between all people throughout the world. We want a safe and hopeful future for our children; a future without famine, war, and someday, without borders.

Brothers and sisters, the time is now to unite under a single banner and a single purpose. We know the way to victory; the H.S.W.C.P is the vehicle that will see us to that end. I look forward to standing at your sides as we forge a better destiny for humankind.

The Chairman

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